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• Internal auditing
• Diagnosis report
• Preparation of manuals of procedures
• Organization of administrative channels by means of constant improvement processes
• Staff-training in new processes
• Implementation – Support

We begin our job with a stage of assessment and analysis of the structure and operation of all of the company’s activities, performing an in-depth examination of each operative position. When this stage comes to an end, a diagnosis report is issued.

What follows is a stage of Proposals and Improvements, which are submitted to the company’s responsible person for further evaluation.
Once these have been approved, the Handbook of Procedures is prepared, where all tasks of each operative position are developed and explained in detail. No task is omitted, regardless of how simple it may seem. In the handbook, each team member can find all the specific requirements of his/her position as well as those of other positions, in order to be able to interact in cases of absences and/or leaves.

There then follows the stage of implementation of methodological changes by developing policies connected to the various processes, as well as by preparing and training resources. All staff members take part in this so that there is constant interaction. The aim is for each member to become aware of how important his/her duties are. All which is fundamental takes place within the established timeframe by making an efficient use of time. This way, the regular performance of all other activities is not affected.

Rules: Analysis, interpretation and implementation of rules of national and/or international laws.

Note: All that has been mentioned hereinbefore applies to every kind of structure, from a staff of two members to one of many more. The ultimate goal is to reach excellence, no matter how small the company’s structure may be


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