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  • Labour law
  • Civil and commercial law
  • Administrative law
  • Tax law
  • Criminal law
  • Drafting of legal rulings

Legal activity is a direct consequence of the different acts and business transactions performed in the everyday commercial activity. In view of this, we offer permanent legal counselling in all of the departments mentioned, which contributes to a speedy settlement of conflicts and to the creation of plans that consolidate business strategies. We guarantee you counselling services regarding any kind of labour or union complaint, and the writing and answering of telegrams. We also guarantee you legal representation in hearings before the ministry of labour and social affairs, as well as counselling services on how to answer complaints and how to be represented in trial. We draft and verify all kinds of commercial contracts (livestock pasturing agreements, leasing agreements, insurance agreements, sales agreements, loan agreements, usufruct agreements, et cetera). We create and/or modify companies and/or their by-laws. We deal with conflicts regarding interests in companies, capital increases or decreases, and meetings. We help you meet all requirements of legal capacity as well as those established by the “IGJ” [“Inspección General de Justicia” (General Inspection of Justice)]. Holding groups: joint exploitation. Defence presentation and representation.

Meeting of administrative and tax requirements. Submission of the defence. Filing of petitions before the administrative authority. Writing and answering of formal letters. Drafting of legal rulings.


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